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Annual Academic Report : 2021 -22

Shri Siddhaganga P L P School. Kudalasangama

Annual Academic Report : 2021 -22

This Academic Year saw a switch from regular classes in the school to Online classes at home. As a result there was enormous changes in academic plan and teaching. Teaching is being done through different digital platforms. 

I ,Raghavendra K.B, Principal Sri Siddhaganga P L P School take immense pleasure and pride to present you a report of our activities and achievements for the year – 2021 – 22

In our school, teachers teach through teachmint app. Watsapp group is used to send instructions. Regular online classes are being conducted according to the time table.

Both student and teachers have adjusted the situations they never thought of. All the Teachers have learnt how to operate modern gadgets like Android mobiles and laptops. They have also learnt how to prepare videos, PPTs and conducting competition through online.

Shri Siddhaganga Public School has been established for the purpose of providing access to the quality education to the rural students at affordable cost to serve the rural people. The school is rendering remarkable service in the field of Education. The school is housed in new spacious building equipped with the latest SMART Class facilities, Computer lab, Science lab and Library. 

Though we are in unprecedented condition, various steps has been taken to provide an effective education through Teachmint application. It was decided to strictly follow all the norms and guidelines regarding Covid-19 pandemic issued by the Government time to time. The School management has decided not to increase the school fee has followed the government norms to increase the students’ participation in the online classes and effective way to conduct the assessments. Many curricular and extra-curricular activities has been done through online which includes CBSE and other activities.  

Some of the Bird-eye view of the activities conducted in the academic year 2021-22.

August -15

Independence day is an important national festival for Indians. We ought to remember all the great souls who have sacrificed their life to free out mother land from the shackles of foreign rule. We conducted various competition regarding Independence day through online.

Independence day is celebrated in the school following all the Covide-19 rules. Flag is hoisted by the Principal.

All the teachers and members of the management committee participated in the programme. The recorded video of the programme was send to all the students through Watsap group of the school. 


September -11

Students were taken to Alamatti Dam as a part of the Activity of Heritage club.  It was raining and the weather was cool. Students enjoyed watching Lava-Kusha Garden, Siti-Mani and cave temple. It is believed that Sita gave birth to Lava and Kusha in this place. There is temple for Sita and bath rooms of Lava and Kusha.

September – 23

 When State government has given permission for offline classes students were given flower welcome by the teachers. Students were happy to come to school after 16 months of lockdown. Once again the school was brimming with the enthusiasm and joy of students. 

October – 2

‘One step towards cleanliness’  GandhiJayanthi is celebrated meaningfully by doing ‘Shramadana’. Students cleaned the school campus in batches. Various competitions were conducted for the students like drawing competition, reciting the quotes of Gandhiji, Speech, etc..

November – 14

Sports competitions were conducted on the account of children’s day celebration. Indigenous and rural games were also included. Class teachers were given the responsibility of their class to conduct the games with the help of the P.E teacher.

January – 12

Brave monk who made the western world aware of greatness of Hindu Religion is Swami Vivekananda. Birthday of Swami Vivekananda is celebrated as ‘ National Youth Day’ .  ‘Quote of Vivekananda’ recitation competition was conducted for all the classes. Flowers were offered to the photo of Swami Vivekananda. Students exhibited drama on the life history of Vivekananda. Special Mass Yoga was organized.


January – 26

Flag is hoisted by the principal and students performed cultural activities. We conduct various activities and competitions throughout the year according to the events list given by CBSE: AzadikiAruthamahotsava. Prizes for the winners of the competition was given away by the chief guest of the day.

February 28

February 28 is celebrated as ‘National Science day’ in the commemoration of Sir C V Raman. Students prepared science models and exhibited in the class rooms.

As there is no offline class and students are in their home, students are asked to celebrate the ‘Environment Day’ in the house itself. Students planted a plant in their garden with their parents.

International Yoga Day :Yogasana completion; Students are asked to do Yogasana at homes and send the photos to the class teachers.

Birth day presentation:

Students give gift to the school on their birthday instead of distributing chocolates. Usually they present books for library. Some students even present plants.

I conclude by assuring that top priority is given to academic performance. Remedial teaching, extra classes, revision, unit tests, class tests, assignments, term-end exams have kept the students busy throughout the year.

At present we have 326 students from 1st standard to 10th standard.

I render thanks to our chairman, administrator, teaching and non-teaching staff and our students and parents who gave us maximum support and cooperation.


Thank you.